It is something we see more and more in the world of ICO’s: existing companies that wants to realize extra funding through an ICO. Financial services provider Worldcore has the ambition to add some blockchain-based products to it’s portfolio and organizes an ICO to raise funds to do so.

What is Worldcore?
Currently, Worldcore is a company that mainly focuses on payment solutions. According to the website and whitepaper, in that area WorldCore is the market leader in the Czech Republic. The current product portfolio consists of multi-currency accounts and debit and virtual payment cards.

Worldcore sees the opportunities that the world of cryptocurrency offers and in the whitepaper they state that they want to bridge the gap to the world of blockchain. The amount of products Worldcore will introduce is dependenton the amount of money collected during this ICO. The company promises to add three core products with blockchain technology to the product portfolio when the ICO will sell-out. First of all they’ll introduce a trading platform for cryptocurrency. In addition, the company wants to build a blockchain-based platform. This allows you to convert cryptocurrency into cash and vice versa in more than a thousand physical pickup points. Finally, Worldcore wants to build a UK-based platform for P2P loans.

What can you do with the token?
Worldcore launches the WRC Token. That token is primarily meant for trading at exchanges, but also gives a joint right to 30% of Worldcore’s profit. That dividend will be paid annually.

What does the roadmap look like?
The Worldcore roadmap depends largely on the amount of money collected with this ICO. If this raises more than five million dollars, WorldCore wants to introduce the trading platform in the second quarter of 2018. If the 10 million dollar limit is exceeded, the P2P loan platform will be launched in the third quarter of that year. At twenty five million dollars, the physical conversion platform is also introduced. That should happen in early 2019. If there are fifty million dollars or more raised by this ICO, that money will be mainly invested in the marketing of the company and their products.

What does the ICO look like?

Total coins issued 1,000,000,000 WRC
Price 1 WRC costs $ 0.10
Bonus Yes. From 3% to 25%, depending on the amount of coins you’ll buy.
Dividend Yes. 30% of the total profit is distributed annually among the owners of the tokens.
Data From October 14th to November 14th


In the video below, the company explains the WorldCore ICO.

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