Your guide to the world of ICO's

What is an ICO?

IcoBlog wants to give an overview of what is currently playing in the world of ICOs. But what actually is an ICO?

An ICO is an Inital Coin Offer. Within the world of blockchain, ICOs are used to raise funds for the development of platforms, businesses and blockchains. Organizations do this by introducing tokens or cryptocoins. With cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin or Ethereum you can buy such a token during the ICO. With buying such a token or cryptocoin you actually buy a piece of such a company. The token or cryptocoin can be traded after the ICO via one or more crypto exchanges.

ICOs are risky. They do not have to comply with all kinds of laws, which makes them being controlled only by the community. There are examples of ICOs that raised millions of dollars. But there are also many scams.

If you want to invest in ICOs, you must be aware of the huge risks you are facing. Additionally, it’s very important to know what’s going on in such an ICO. So read the whitepaper of the project and visit forums to get to know what others think. Consult multiple websites and other sources. And even then you can not be one hundred percent sure that you’re not facing a scam. You have to be aware of that risk.

No advice
At IcoBlog we do not give any advice as to whether you need to join ICOs. We do not give advise which ICOs to invest in. We only try to outline what’s happening in the world of ICOs at the moment and what the characteristics of an ICO are. So we can not be held responsible for any money lost on ICOs. Just use us to learn more about them.

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