The number of cryptocurrency owners is growing. The same applies to the number of blockchain-projects and ICO’s. Still, the acceptance of cryptocurrency as method of payment is quite limited. Vestarin sees these developments as an opportunity and introduces a multifunctional cryptocurrency platform which should speed up projects and help digital coins getting widely accepted.

What is Vestarin?Vestarin
In its whitepaper, the Vestarin team outlines a picture of the cryptoworld: “This year the blockchain technology world went viral. Dozens of new platforms, tokens and currencies appear daily. Pioneers among shops and services begin to get profit in cryptocurrency. More and more people join the industry, heaps of money are invested, plenty of projects are launched, a great deal of perspectives are opened. But at the same time it looks more like separate pieces of puzzle, not like a general picture.”

Vestarin wants to build a bridge between all those perspectives and introduces a platform that connects several of these functions. The platform can be used via an app on your smartphone and serves both the business and private target group.

The platform is based on four main functionalities. First of all, Vestarin wants to serve owners of shops, restaurants and locations for entertainment. Through the platform, these owners can offer their products and services. Customers search for these providers via the app and pay on-site with the VST token, the main currency of the platform. A second option of the platform is reputation management for ICO’s. Through the platform, visitors can discuss an ICO and leave ratings. This makes it clear how the trust in an ICO is. The third option in which Vestarin provides is a possibility for blockchain professionals to set up a team and work together. In this way experts can make their services available to various ICO teams. Finally, there is the possibility to follow all the news about cryptocurrency via the platform. For this purpose, Vestarin provides insight into news from various sources.

In addition to these four main options, there are also a number of overarching functionalities. For example, it will be possible to convert cryptocurrency at reliable exchange points and via an app chat participants can communicate with each other, but also make payments.

What can you do with the token?
Vestarin issues the VST. The VST will be the main currency of the platform. Payments can be made with it and this token is also used for exchange fees. In addition, business participants will pay a part of their turnover via the platform to Vestarin. Vestarin wants to use part of those fees to buy back and destroy VST tokens. The circulating supply will become smaller and smaller and Vestarin states in her whitepaper that the value will increase as a result.

What does the roadmap look like?
Vestarin has been working on this project since last September. In the intervening period a team was built, the whitepaper developed and this ICO organised. At the moment the team is working on a demo of the platform. In April of this year, an Alpha version should appear, followed by the Beta version in July. From August, Vestarin wants to have the first real version of the platform live, after which it will be expanded and the concept marketed.

Why this ICO?
The reason for this ICO is twofold. On the one hand, the development team is looking for funds for the development of the platform. On the other hand, the VST token plays a central role in the Vestarin ecosystem and must therefore be brought onto the market.

Wat are the details of this ICO?

Total coins issued 200.000.000 VST
Coins at sale 165.000.000 VST
Price Pre-ICO: 1 ETH get’s you 3.000 VST
Public ICO: 1 ETH get’s you at least 1.300 VST
Bonus Yes, during the public ICO the number of VST’s that you get for 1 Ether decreases from 2,000 to 1,300
Dividend No, but there will be a buy-back-program
Data Pre-ICO: January 30th untill February 28th
Public ICO: March 5th untill April 4th 

In the video below, the Vestarin team explains how the platform works.

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