Sports marketing is a hot item. In the field of tennis, there is a lot of money spent on the promotion of players all around the world and the marketing of large brands by those players. There are many agencies working for these players, but TokenStars wants to introduce a different way of doing so. By decentralising the scouting and promotion of players and introducing tokens, TokenStars wants to disrupt this market. And in order to realize funding, she organizes an ICO.

Tokenstars LogoWhat is Tokenstars ACE?
TokenStars ACE is the first one of the TokenStars brands to be launched. This company wants change the world of sports marketing. In the TokenStars ACE whitepaper, they are clear about the situation in the world of tennis: “Presently, the funding problem of rising stars is usually solved by agencies. They sign 13- to 15-year-old tennis players, finance them, and sometimes even run academies (IMG bought the famous Nick Bollettieri Academy). After the player starts climbing the ATP or WTA rankings, the agencies help with advertising deals, and take a 20% cut from the revenues. “Somewhat further in the Whitepaper, they indicate that players are often unhappy with market leader IMG: “IMG is practically a monopoly in tennis. They can dictate terms (from the tournaments a player participates in to the organization of his or her training schedule). They turn down players from smaller countries (as the domestic market is small and there are few opportunities for advertising). And, they make mistakes in their selection process ”

That could be done better, they thought at TokenStars ACE. So they introduced a new way of managing this. TokenStars has the ambition to decentralize the scouting and promotion process in tennis. Like other major promotional agencies, they want to provide tennis stars at a young age with funding to train and become better players. The big difference here, is that not the traditional scouts determine who is signed. It’s the owners of the ACE Tokens themselves who have the most important say in who get’s funding and who don’t. To provide them with the right information to do so,  TokenStars ACE want to unlock actual training and competition data of the players through her website.

The second innovation of TokenStars ACE is to decentralize the promotion of tennis players. By rewarding fans and promoters with ACE Tokens, TokenStars expects a fan base around a tennis player to be developed faster. This should then trigger more advertisers and income.

Where can you do with the tokens?
TokenStars ACE introduces the ACE Token. According to the whitepaper, that token  is key to TokenStars’ entire ecosystem. First of all, owners of the tokens have a right to vote on important choices to be made. Which players to sign, for example. In addition, people who actively contribute to TokenStars’ community are rewarded with ACE Tokens. Examples of these are promoters of fan pages or scouts. Advertisers can also choose to pay with ACE Tokens. TokenStars wants the token to be traded through various exchanges.

What does the roadmap look like?
TokenStars ACE is TokenStars’ first initiative. In the short term, platforms for football and poker players will also be realized. Earlier this year, the first tennis player was contracted: Veronika Kudermetova, a top-100’s doubles player. Still this year, the voting system and the beta version of the platform must be live. Followed by the dashboards and communication tools for fans, midway next year.

Why an ICO?
The reason for this ICO is twofold. TokenStars ACE’s ambitions are high and to achieve these, a large budget is needed. The whitepaper also indicates that the number of players to sign strongly depends on the amount of money the ICO raises. On the other hand, the ACE Token plays an important role in TokenStars’ ecosystem, and the token must be launched. This ICO is a way to do so.

What does the ICO look like?

Coins issued 165.000.000 ACE
Coins at sale 99.000.000 ACE
Price 1 ACE costs 0.0001 BTC, minimum purchase is 100 ACE.
Bonus Yes, there are different kinds of bonuses. There is a decreasing bonus during the ICO. Also, if you invest more than 5BTC you’ll get 5% extra tokens. In addition, you will receive a 40% discount if you redeem your ACE against other Tokenstars Tokens at a later stage.
Dividend No. You can earn ACE by being active in the community.
Dates September 10th to October 31st


In the video below, the development team explains how TokenStars ACE works.

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