The smartphone is becoming the most used device for surfing on the internet. No wonder that more and more mobile eCommerce platforms are being developed. Stuffgogo is such a platform, but is decentralized by blockchain-technology.

StuffgogoWhat is it?
Stuffgogo wants to become a kind of marketplace for the smartphone and builds an online mobile platform. That mobile platform works completely different from many of its competitors. Stuffgogo has decentralized the platform through the blockchain. The developers indicates in its whitepaper that other marketplaces are less secure. Data, often personal, is centrally stored. Which makes them vulnerable to hackers. By choosing a decentralized platform, Stuffgogo solves this problem. According to the company, there is another advantage of a mobile platform. You can easily take photos of your product with your phone and publish it on the Stuffgogo.

What can you do with the coin?
Stuffgogo introduces the SGG token. You can use the coin to pay through the platform. But of course you can also trade with them.

What does the roadmap look like?
The first minor version of the app should see the light in the first quarter of 2018. Then another application is more complete and will be launched in the third quarter of 2018.

Why an ICO?
The company needs a lot of money to develop the platform. An ICO must bring in that money.

The ICO’s details?
Number of coins issued: 1,000,000,000
Coins at sale: 500,000,000
Price: For 1 Ether you get 5,000 tokens
Bonus: 20% in the first two days
Dividend: No.
Dates: from August 11th to September 9th

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