Due to its transparency, a blockchain is almost impossible to hack. However, as a user, you need a private key to use the blockchain. And if someone stole your private key or you lose it, then you have a huge problem. Rivetz wants to add an additional layer of security.

RivetzWhat is it?
Rivetz thinks there will be major problems with the principle of the private key in the future. If you lose that key, you lose control over the service of the particular blockchain. Rivetz believes that the model of an offline wallet that gives access to encrypted storage will not hold in the future. According to Rivetz, the protection models with private keys on paper and Trezor work well for bitcoin, but they are not useful for doing microtransactions on a mobile phone. Rivetz has developed technology that provides built-in controls to ensure that the transactions are as they are intended.

To support this, Rivetz has developed the Rivet Token. It offers a blockchain- oriented solution. But there is also access to the cloud and Fintech with secure payment checks. According to Rivetz, there is a huge potential in the future.

What can you do with the coin?
So far, it seems relatively complicated. But practically, it means that you use the Rivet Token via your smartphone and that your identity is confirmed by performing a number of health checks via the blockchain.  The token checks the security at the level of the transaction itself. This way Rivetz makes sure that the transaction that is performed also is the transaction you want to be performed.

What does the roadmap look like?
In the whitepaper there is little attention to the roadmap. In the FAQs on the website can be read that the company has been working on the product for three years now and a beta version is available. The tools for the developers and the Rivetz 2 FA capacity are expected in the autumn of this year.

Why an ICO?
The Rivet token is the central part of this program. These must be issued, otherwise the system will not run. Applications from partners that join Rivetz will also use this token.

What does the crowdsale look like?

Number of coins issued 200.000.000
Coins at sale 70.000.000
Price 1 Ether get’s you 333RTV
Bonus Yes, in the first 38,679 Ether a bonus of 20% is included
Dividend No
Dates from August 10th to September 9th


What Rivetz does is quite complicated. They realize that and have uploaded the following presentation on Youtube. It explains everything clearly.

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