Nowadays, there is almost no retailer not working with loyalty programs, point-saving or coupons that will help you as a customer getting the best deals. No wonder that this attracts the attention of players in the world of blockchain. Gatcoin wants to jump into that market and launches a platform to centralize these programs. And of course, they will be launching a digital currency to do so.

GatcoinWhat is Gatcoin?
At the introduction of Gatcoin’s whitepaper, the company immediately provides a good summary of what the product entails: “The GAT Coin is a new crypto-currency token that will be launched on the Ethereum main network as part of a broader enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants may issue their own branded digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other
promotional offerings (Merchant Tokens). The GAT System will enable merchants
to issue Merchant Tokens to a mass consumer audience with minimal set-up, allowing them to quickly adopt token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy. The GAT Coin will be the exclusive currency of exchange for the trade of Merchant Tokens on the GAT Exchange. Consumers can use their GAT Coins to acquire Merchant Tokens or can convert their Merchant Tokens to GAT Coins on the GAT Exchange. ”

In short, GAT makes it possible to easily create incentive programs through the issue of tokens. The company develops a number of functionalities: a wallet, a exchange and a network. In addition, there is a marketplace where retailers offer products that can be purchased with retailer tokens. Furthermore, Gatcoin is developing an airdrop system that allows retailers to realize a airdrop of tokens based on geographical and demographic factors. In addition, Gatcoin makes it possible to release different types of tokens. These include cash tokens, discount coins and loyalty points.

What can you do with the coin?
Gatcoin issues the GAT. This is the central currency of the ecosystem of this start-up. The GAT can be used to purchase or sell merchant coins. The merchant coins can then be used to purchase specific products. The GAT will also be tradable at external exchanges.

What does the roadmap look like?
Gatcoin’s tokensale runs until January 2018. At the same time, the company is already developing the product. In November, the first Proof of Concept will be released. The beta version will follow in June 2018. In October of that year, the ecosystem must be finished and go live. In 2018, the company focuses mainly on the Asian market. Europe and the United States should follow in 2019.

Why this ICO?
To launch it’s ecosystem, Gatcoin requires the GAT. At the same time, money is needed to fund the development of the platform and the company expects to receive this money by organizing an ICO. In total, 200,000,000 tokens are placed on the market during this ICO. There are 1,000,000,000 GAT available. The remainder is sold in phases through the GAT Exchange.

What are the details of this ICO?

Total coins issued 1,000,000,000 GAT
Coins at sale 200,000,000 GAT
Price 1 GAT costs 0.20$
Bonus Yes. Those who buy in the private sale or the public presale get 35% and 20% bonus coins.
Dividend No.
Data Public Pre-Sale: October 28th through November 28th
Public Sale: December 15th to January 15th, 2018


In the video below, Gatcoin explains the concept of their product.

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