Mining cryptocurrency costs more and more energy. As the codes to be cracked become more complicated, more computer capacity is needed to solve these difficult puzzles. This means that the profit margins on these mining activities are under considerable pressure. Envion sees this as a opportunity and has developed a new mining concept. And to fund the development, she organizes an ICO.

EnvionWhat is Envion?
In it’s whitepaper Envion exposes a serious problem in the mining industry: “When cryptomining was still in its infancy, it was well distributed among a couple of thousand private miners, governed by transparent rules and not harmful to the climate because its energy requirements were microscopic. All that has changed: the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies has led to a dramatic increase in the sector’s energy consumption and a concentration of mining activities in countries with low social and environmental standards – where electricity is produced using predominantly fossil fuels.”

Envion wants to solve this problem at the source. To understand what this company wants to do, a brief explanation of the functioning of the energy market is required. Wind and solar energy are growing very fast. Only the generated capacity is largely dependent on the weather. If, for example, the sun is shining bright, a lot of energy is available. Because more and more clean energy is being generated, there is overcapacity at such a moment and the price of the offered energy drops exponentially.

Envion wants to take advantage of this situation and has developed a patented method for mobile mining facilities. These are quick and easy-to-move containers in which mining capacity is built. By using special cooling systems, these containers can be used everywhere. Envion wants to move the containers continuously to the places where the green electricity is most affordable at that specific moment. In this way, the overcapacity of that moment is being used. The placing of the containers happens always at the source, so at the place where the energy is generated.

What can you do with the token?
Envion introduces the EVN Token. Of course this token can be traded on exchanges, but it also entitles you to a dividend. Envion develops two business models. At the first model, she operates the mining facility herself. At the second model, a third party purchases the container and Envion only carries out the operation. For the first model, 100% of the profit is redistributed among the owners of tokens. The second model provides a 35% dividend. 25% of the total dividend pool will be reinvested in new mining facilities. The token also gives owners voting rights in strategic decisions that the company will take in the future.

What does the roadmap look like?
Envion has been working since 2015 to develop the technology of mobile mining units. In 2017, this led to a product that was able to mine in every environment. This month, Envion organizes its ICO. From January 15th, the token must be tradable via exchanges and in the spring of next year Envion wants to start mass production of its mining facilities.

Why this ICO?
Developing these mobile mining units is expensive. To finance this, a lot of money is needed and that is why this ICO is organized.

What are the details of this ICO?

Total coins issued 150.000.000 STC
Coins at sale
124.500.000 STC
Price 1 ENV costs 1 US Dollar
Bonus The bonus will go from 30% in the first to 0% in the last week
Dividend Yes. A large part of the profit is redistributed among owners of ENV.
Data From December 15th to January 14th


In the video below, the Envion team explains how the concept works.

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