The mining of cryptocurrency is usually a complicated matter. You must purchase the right equipment. Installing and adjusting it is a difficult task. And when such a mining rig is running, you will be doing adjustments almost daily. At easyMINE they think this should be done another way. And so, this company introduces a system that makes mining a lot easier and more attractive.

easyMINEWhat is easyMINE?
In it’s whitepaper, easyMINE explains the underlying problem that she wants to solve: “Becoming a miner is not an easy process. On top of everything else, miners also have to worry about keeping their mines profitable. This can be quite a challenge with just a single machine — let alone with tens or hundreds of them.”

Therefore, easyMINE develops a system to simplify cryptocurrency mining. That begins with publishing configurations that you could buy as a future miner. Once you have bought yourself a mining rig, the next step is to install the easyMINE Operation System through a flash drive. This Operation System is designed to make mining as easy as possible. This means that the software automatically sets the machine to the configuration that should be the most efficient. On top of that, it also chooses the mining pools and cryptocoins that are currently the most profitable. In addition, easyMINE also takes into account the energy costs of mining.

Via a dashboard and mobile app, you can remotely see your mining rig running and then doing all sorts of adjustments to your system.

What can you do with the token?
easyMINE introduces the easyMINE Token. With this cryptocurrency, purchases can be made on the easyMINE platform. The currency is based on the Ethereum Platform.

What does the roadmap look like?
Until the end of 2018 there is a fairly concrete roadmap. This quarter, easyMINE wants to publish a minor beta version of the Operating System. The next two quarters this will be further expanded. By mid 2018, the company wants to publish the first complete version of the Operating System. This will be expanded during the rest of 2018, including the development of a mobile app.

Why an ICO?
The main reason for organizing an ICO is to raise funds to further investments in the development of the operating system.

What are the details of this ICO?

Coins issued 33.000.000
Coins at sale 27.000.000
Price 1 EMT costs up to 0.0008 Ether
Bonus No. The price ranges from 0.0007 Ether to 0.0008 Ether.
Dividend No.
Dates This ICO continues until the 24th of October. Although the end date is not completely fixed, because it works with blocks and the ICO is running untill block 87.459.


In the video below, the development team explains the idea of easyMINE is and how the ICO works.

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