Those who want to take full advantage of the volatility of the crypto market are constantly switching between different exchanges. Prices often differ considerably between crypto exchanges. The use of fiat money and trading in futures and options within the crypto market is also difficult. Dimensions Network recognizes these problems and launches a trading platform that has to combine the advantages of the centralized and decentralized world.

What is Dimensions Network?
Dimensions NetworkIn its whitepaper, Dimensions Network immediately indicates that she wants to be a serious player with a business model that generates profits: “Blockchain technology has a number of technical challenges which need to be solved before it can become mainstream. Numerous organizations have formed to address these challenges, and the majority are working on the necessary Research and Development to take cryptocurrencies to the next level. In most cases there is not a clear path for a Return on Investment for those funding the projects. Dimensions Network approaches the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a business‐centric and operative way.”

The revenue model that Dimensions Network wants to introduce is a hybrid trading platform. Through this trading platform you can trade in cryptocurrency, but options and futures are also offered. Dimensions Network wants to apply for bank licenses in different countries in order to make it possible to deposit and withdraw fiat money.

Further in time, the company wants to switch to a decentralized platform by using blockchain technology. This creates a platform that’s completely open and transparent. Users of Dimensions Network would, after launching the decentralized platform, be given the choice of which of the two techniques they would like to use.

In addition, Dimensions Network wants to make it possible to trade on other exchanges by using its platform. You then get the opportunity to purchase cryptocoins via this start-up at the exchange where they are cheapest at that moment. That would save you lots time and energy. At the moment you have to keep an eye on where the price is the lowest, transfer your cryptocurrency to that exchange and then finally you can purchase the currency. Dimensions Network would make that process redundant.

What can you do with the token?
Dimensions Network introduces the Strike Coin. The coin is primarily intended as a reward token. In other words: if you own a Strike Coin, you are entitled to a share of profit. Dimensions Network distributes fifteen percent of the fees collected via the platform from the owners of the Strike Coin. This payment will take place every three months in Ethereum tokens.

What does the roadmap look like?
The company has now launched phase 1 of their product. There is a demo of the platform live, which can be viewed at its website. This month, Dimensions Network wants to bring the Alpha version of the platform live. A small public launch must then take place in January next year, after which the platform will be further marketed. Through the Dimensions Network Telegram, the team told us the ICO was postponed to January next year, because the company first wanted to launch a working product.

Why this ICO?
The development of such a platform requires funding and the developers try to get that funding through this ICO. In addition, the Strike Coin must be issued in order to allow the distribution of the share of profit.

What are the details of this ICO?

Total coins issued 240.000.000 STC
Coins at sale
144.000.000 STC
Price 1 Ether brings you 800 STC
Bonus No.
Dividend 15% of the revenues from transactions are redistributed among the owners of STC.
Data From the 24th of January 2018 untill the 24th of February 2018


In the video below, the Dimensions Network team explains how the concept works.

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