The blockchain technique and the world of big financials are still far from each other. The question is who will jump into that breach. At Dimcoin they think they have found the solution.

DimcoinWhat is it?
Dimcoin’s developers point out in its whitepaper that there is still a huge gap between the world of cryptocurrency and those of the banks: “Digital coins are naturally decentralized. That means there is no central point where the information comes together. This makes the coins attractive to users who are aware of security. At the same time, intermediaries are eliminated, which reduces transaction costs of transactions. But because cryptocurrency is decentralized, there is no support from governments and central banks.” Dimcoin has developed a platform to bridge that gap. The cryptocoin gives access to the foundation’s ecosystem: DIM. This Dimcoin can easily be exchanged by and between users of the system in any system-accepted cryptocurrency. At the same time, Dimcoin wants to offer all kinds of financial services in its ecosystem. This includes the sale of property, shares, e-commerce and debit card payments.

What can you do with the coin?
The Dimcoin is the central currency of the platform. You can buy this with fiat currency from other platform users.

What does the roadmap look like?
This year, Dimcoin wants to introduce debit cards and allow trading in currencies and shares. At the same time, one focuses on developing an android app that will give access to Dimcoin’s services. Implementing the exchange within the blockchain is a target for 2018. As well as launching the debit cards for the general public. By 2019 and 2020, the DIM Ecosystem must be accepted globally. The foundation’s goal is that 1% of global trade takes place through this platform. Dimcoin is running on NEM technology.

Why an ICO?
Pretty simple. This platform runs on Dimcoins. They have to be issued. A large part of the gains flow back into the platform and is spent on its development.

What does the crowdsale look like?

Number of coins issued: 100.000.000
Price $0.01 per DIMcoin
Bonus When you pay with XEM tokens you’ll get a 10% bonus. In addition, a bonus of 10% will be valid until August 19th
Dividend Everyone with 50 tokens or more receives a form of dividend.
Dates Until August 27th

More information

In the video below, Dimcoin explains how their ecosystem works.


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