Anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency first has to purchase bitcoins or ethereum from a merchant. Then you’ll have to transfer the coins to a exchange and convert them into other cryptocurrencies. If you want to use them to pay with, you’ll need to download a wallet. COSS has the ambition to solve this problem and wants to create a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency. To get closer to achieving that goal, the company organizes a token swap.

CossWat is it? 
COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and develops a platform that includes all features that are required in an economical cryptocurrency system. According to its whitepaper, COSS provides a payment option, a exchange, summaries of market caps, an e-wallet and a marketplace. In addition, a mobile platform is being developed. Besides that, COSS will continue to work on new upcoming techniques and applications that are necessary to keep the world of cryptocurrency running.

What can you do with the coin?
To support the growth of the platform, the COSS Token is launched. You can trade it, but at the same time, the currency will entitle you to a weekly fair share. As a owner of such a token, you’ll participate in the earnings of the COSS platform. The earnings are generated by the fees that the company charges at transactions via the platform.

What does the roadmap look like?
COSS has already built a platform. When using the three months old BETA version of that platform, it is possible for you to exchange cryptocoins. At this moment, there are 600 active accounts on COSS. The roadmap to the future seems ambitious. From the end of September, the company wants to develop the platform further. This includes the addition of an affiliate program and credit cards. Also, COSS wants to invest in enabling digital signing of documents. In the third phase, starting in 2018, COSS plans to expand strategic partnerships and taking over successful startups. The technical roadmap will, from then on, reflect on developments that are playing in the cryptoworld and is not yet fully fixed. However, one of the developments that the company wants to get started is the development of Smart Contract as a Service. This offers companies the ability to quickly and easily build smart contracts.

Why an ICO?
In its whitepaper, COSS points out that it so far had been able to finance the development of the platform by itself. However, the goals are pretty ambitious. According to its business plan, COSS wants to generate a $2 profit per token in 2022. To reach that goal, the ambitious roadmap must be completed and that can not be done without external funding.

What does the crowdsale look like?

Coins issued 200.000.000
Coins at sale 130.000.000
Price 1 Ether get’s you 600 COSS
Bonus Yes. Until August 16, you’ll get 10% bonus
Dividend Yes. 50% of the earnings from transaction fees are distributed weekly to the owners of COSS
Dates from August 8th to September 6th


In the video below, COSS explains what its product is and how the token swap works.

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