There you are. In the middle of the night your car has stopped and you want to go home, as fast as possible. In Great Britain in nine out of ten cases you’ll find yourself calling the towing service of the AA, but soon that can be different. CarTaxi is a new platform based on blockchain technology and specialized in car towing. The company is already active on the Russian market, but wants to grow. And to realise that ambition, she organizes an ICO.

CarTaxiWhat is CarTaxi?
CarTaxi’s developers signal a problem in the world of car towing. In their whitepaper, they state: “The vehicle towing business has not yet been automated globally, the way Uber has done in the taxi market. Everywhere, this business is based on old dispatching methods that rely on human factors, and small to average clusters: in each city, you have to look for the local operator and dispatcher phone numbers, and then guess when exactly help will arrive.”

CarTaxi wants end that situation and introduces a business model based on blockchain technology. Therefore the company introduces an app. If a customer has downloaded it, he will enter the details of his car. If that car is broken, the customer can open the app and indicate that. Based on the geo-location, a tow truck suiting the weight and size of the car, will be hired. You specify whether you want to pay with your credit card or cash.

Blockchain technology is primarily used to store data from customers and suppliers of tow trucks.

What can you do with the token?
CarTaxi issues the CTX-token. The use of the coin is twofold. On the one hand, this token is an asset that you can buy and sell at exchanges. In addition, the ownership of this token entitles you to a piece of profit. CarTaxi wants to divide 25% of the company’s profits per month to CTX owners. In addition, CarTaxi indicates in the whitepaper that she plans to use another 25% of the profit to buy back CTX coins. This gives a positive stimulus to the value of the token.

What does the roadmap look like?
The company states on its website and in the whitepaper that it is already active on the Russian market. For both the iPhone and Android, there are already apps available in Russian. In the coming period, the company aims to focus on the market outside Russia.

In an extensive roadmap in the white paper, it is stated that CarTaxi was active for the first time in Russia in the second quarter of this year. The rest of this year, preparations will be made for enlargement to the United States and Russia. By 2018, the service should be launched with a strong marketing campaign. CarTaxi’s ultimate goal is a revenue of $ 0.97 billion in 2022.

Why an ICO?
That answer is quite simple. For the global expansion of CarTaxi, a lot of money is needed and this ICO has to bring in that money.

What are the details of this ICO?

Coins issued 750,000,000 CTX
Coins at sale 500,000,000 CTX
Price For 1 ETH you get 2255 CTX
Bonus Yes, during the first 24 hours you get a bonus of 15%. This drops to 5% on day 6. In addition, you get a bonus at big volumes.
Dividend Yes. 25% of the earnings are distributed monthly among the owners of these tokens.
Dates From 29 September to 29 October.


In the video below, the development team explains the idea of CarTaxi.

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