Bowhead Health claims to be the first company that uses blockchain for creating a smart medical device. The company will collect medical data through a smart dispenser. Data is stored into the blockchain and will be used for delivering better and faster healthcare, as well as being distributed anonymously to companies that develop healthcare products.

DispenserWhat is it?
Bowhead Health has been developing a smart healthcare dispenser for over the past 18 months. The company now wants to bring the device into production and seeks funding to do so. The use of the dispenser will be quite easy. A patient provides a blood prick that is placed in the test cartridge. This cardridge has to be inserted into the side of the device. The device will use this test to interpret these results and sends them to a licenced healthcare professional. Based on the test results and the qualitative data provided by the user, this healthcare professional provides a recommendation and dispensing occurs. The data is then stored securely into the Bowhead Health blockchain. The patient can view this data through an app, but Bowhead Health can also offer this data anonymously to companies that develop healthcare products. Users keep complete control. They decide if they want to share their data and who can use it at what time.

What can you do with the token?
Bowhead Healthcare has issued the AHT token. A total of one hundred million is available. This Anonymized Health Token can be purchased through the ICO, but users of the smart dispenser can also earn them by making their medical data available.

What does the roadmap look like?
Bowhead Health has been working on this project since early 2015. At that time the first concept for a dispenser driven by the blockchain saw the light. In 2016, the company received small financial support, after which Bowhead Health could seriously get started. This year, sufficient funding needs to be collected through the ICO. Also, a beta version of the dispenser will be launched this year. In spring 2018, Bowhead Health wants to deliver two hundred pieces of test version of the device. In the summer of that same year, the final product will be available to the market.

Why an ICO?
The Roadmap of Bowhead Health is pretty ambitious. And if they want to reach their goals, money is needed to develop the product.

What does the crowdsale look like?

Coins issued 100.000.000
Price Currently $0.50, but this will rise when more tokens are sold.
Bonus No. But prices are increasing.
Dividend Yes. Owners of the tokens collectively receive thirty percent of the revenue generated.
Dates Untill August 31th

On the Bowhead Health Channel of YouTube you will find many videos about this ICO. The video below explains how the token works.

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