In the world of ticket sales there are only a few players who jointly divide the largest part of the market. Aventus wants to get rid of that way of working and introduces an infrastructure that has to disrupt this market.

AventusWhat is it?
According to the Aventus Whitepaper, there is something wrong in the market of ticket sales: “The siloed nature of ticketing companies often results in an event’s tickets being sold only on one platform through a narrow set of authorised promoters. Such arrangements effectively put the responsibility of promoting an event, and generating ticket sales, largely into the hands of the event organisers and the ticketing platform, resulting in it being difficult for awareness of the given event to spread to its full potential targetaudience.” In addition, Aventus claims that the fraud taking place in the world of ticket sales is on a huge scale. The company believes that 60% of the issued tickets is being sold to traders, who will then resell those tickets at a sky high price. Leaving the fans being ripped off.

Aventus wants to change this by introducing a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that will make ticket sales more open and transparent. According to the company, the chosen solution would prevent fraud and resales at high prices. Organizers can create tickets through the platform, determine the price and promote the event. It is also possible to set up a resell programm. Other parties may then sell tickets created by an event organizer. He decides what he wants to pay for this service. Aventus also wants to make it safe to resell tickets.

Aventus is developing an App in which tickets can not only be created, but the app can also be used to check tickets at the entrance of an event. Tickets are also available for sale via the App, but Aventus focuses on the linking of the infrastructure to existing ticket vendors to create a large network of resellers.

What can you do with the coin?
Aventus introduces the Aventus Token. This token will of course be listed on exchanges, but has some extra features. To start an event, you must pay a deposit in the form of AVT. In addition, the Aventus Token gives the shareholders the right to vote on whether or not to allow certain events on the network. In addition, the currency of course operates as a payment option at Aventus, but users can also pay in Ether. In a blog on their website, Aventus explains why AVT is such an important part of their ecosystem.

What does the roadmap look like?
The roadmap is available on the Aventus website. An Alpha version of the platform is now available, at which everyone can see how the platform works. In the fourth quarter of this year, Aventus wants to launch the beta version. In spring 2018 they are planning on launching the full product to the general public.

Why an ICO?
The reason for this ICO is twofold. On the one hand, Aventus wants to raise money to finance the development of the platform. On the other hand, the issue of the currency is necessary to enable the Aventus ecosystem to function.

What does the crowdsale look like?

Amount of coins issued 10.000.000
Coins at sale 6.000.000
Price 1 Ether get’s you 92 AVT
Bonus No
Dividend No
Data From September 6th to September 13th

In the video below, Aventus explains in two minutes how her solution works.

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