Marketplaces for student jobs aren’t a whole new idea. That this happens via a blockchain-driven platform is. bitJob plans on launching that marketplace next year. And it searches funding through organising an ICO.

bitJobWhat is it?
The creators of bitJob are very happy with the popularity of the blockchain-technology: “Our love for blockchain was created in 2011 when we bought our first bitcoins. After the launch of Ethereum, we knew that was what we had been waiting for. The idea for bitJob originated in our student time, because we needed money. ”

The basic idea of bitJob is not new. There are many websites that intermediate between students and employers. The value added by bitJob is that of the blockchain. By choosing that technique, the company offers an application that ensures that you no longer need to trust the administrators of such a platform. bitJob offers strict authentication and identity, everything is verified, students can be voted on, and micro-transactions are used for payments. Also, the platform offers affiliate fees. In short: bitJob chooses transparency and direct business between students and customers. As a result, bitJob cuts out the middleman.

In her whitepaper bitJob describes how the platform works. A student who offers online services can search for appropriate jobs at bitJob. If he actually finds a job and provides quality, he can be payed out in cryptocurrency or real money. At the same time, the student builds a reputation on the platform by rating.

What is the coin used for?
BitJob releases the STU. With that token you can of course deal via exchanges, but it is also possible to pay students with that currency.

BitJob has already built a concept. In November, the beta version of the platform must be live. The company wants to release that platform in the first quarter of 2018. When the final version will be online, the roadmap does not yet tell.

Why an ICO?
After releasing the concept, BitJob wants to make a working product. Money is needed to do so.

What does the ICO look like?

Number of coins issued 200.000.000
Coins at sale 124.000.000
Price 1 Ether get’s you approximately 500 STU
Bonus During the presale that lasts until August 16, you’ll get a 40% bonus
Dividend No.
Data The pre-sale takes until August 16th. The Crowdsale begins on September 12th


bitJob knows how to market her product. Check out the video below.

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